Wednesday, 25 May 2016

olegs diary

                    WALT - view the world from another person’s  point of of view

Life in the trenches is boring and horrible and it’s shivering cold. The uniform is really disgusting because it’s really dirty and sweaty. The food tastes like rotten cat food.
Yuk, I miss my mum's lamb chops and mashed potato.
It’s unbelievable what the war has done,   I’m not going to kill innocent people. I miss my warm bed. Iit smells like someone threw a gas bomb. Everyday it’s harder to be in the war. 5:30 am, 20 more minutes until the horrid battle starts. 20 minutes later it’s 6:00 am. Suddenly  bang bang bang, the rifles started booming and bomb shells are everywhere.The captain says, “Forward, forward!”
As we were running forward I looked around me, it looked like a dump because there were hills and hollows all around. When the horrid unbelievable war is trying to kill people some bombs were flying by me boom wow bang ah that hurts I  looked at my right  arm. It was pouring with blood  boom what was that  a nearby  bomb exploding I saw the giant hole i through self in there I saw a German but I realised it was broken but he just laid there and sobbed. I crawled  over to the poor man he was saying, “Nine, nine,  it’s okay.”
I bandaged him and he said thanks in german. I rested then looked over to my arm it stopped bleeding. I saw a black blur over  the top of the hole, it came tumbling down. It was Nipper, the black dog we found in a village, which we trained to deliver letters. The man had a picture of his family and a poppy, I looked at it. It was his wife, 2 daughters and is that ……. Nipper, it looked very much like him? Well, then I gave back the picture and the poppy because they were not mine.  I searched him and found a diary and a pen. I grabbed  them and wrote a note asking for someone to help. I put the letter in Nipper’s pocket. An hour later 10 soldiers came along. They first saw the German so they put their rifles up, then they saw me saw me so they put the guns gently away.  They put the German in the hospital and I found out I had a broken arm. The German thanked me so much for saving him then a month later the war ended and I went home to my my family.                                                  


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