Monday, 5 December 2016

super villan and super hero story

Captain Ukraine and Wolverine
By Oleg

Once there lived Captain Ukraine and Wolverine, they lived in a secret mansion. One day they saw a giant monkey with a Peppa Pig face destroying the city. They were about to go when they saw Joker and the  Daddy fighting it. So they left them to it to. Then the super monkey with a Peppa Pig face transformed into Super Dora Monkey face and Donkey Kong face. After they went to help Joker and the Big Daddy they said thanks but they really did not mean that. The next day Joker stole the crystal of Truth from the City Hall, it is a very rare crystal that was found in the core of the Earth. Then Wolverine and Captain Ukraine went to investigate. They found out that Joker and Big Daddy stole the crystal of truth .

Later they tried to find them but they couldn't find them so they had to wait until they struck again.
Days had passed, even weeks they had to try find them somehow but how? After the investigation they went to the Science House, the research centre for the best scientists in the world. Wolverine
and Captain Ukraine said can you transform Wolverine into Joker and Captain Ukraine into the Big Daddy. So they could think like Joker and act like Joker so they could find the Crystal of Truth.
The scientist said, “That's a dangerous mission for you because you could mutate if something goes wrong with the machine.”
The superheroes said, “It doesn't matter, We are honoured to protect the city no matter what.”
The scientist said, “Okay but it might take a month or even a year to finish the machine.”
                      One Month later…

The Superheroes came back to see the results. The scientists said that we made the machine that will take us to a different world, it might look the same but it's not.
One minute later they waked into the time machine. One week later Wolverine and Captain Ukraine came back and said they knew where the Crystal of Truth was.
It was in their hide out so they climbed into the super marvel vehicle and drove to their hideout under Christchurch City. They found Joker. Joker got out his lightsaber and started shooting lazers out of it. The superheroes just dodged them. Captain Ukraine said, “I wish Batman was alive but he's trapped in the fake world by The Joker.”
The Big Daddy took out his drill (which was his arm) and started fighting Wolverine. Captain Ukraine dodged the bullets and kicked the gun from him. Joker took out his sword and started fighting Captain Ukraine.
Joker said, “Enough, I'm going to get you two trapped in the fake world,then I can rule the world forever.”
Quickly, the portal opened and Batman ran out with the other superheros. They started fighting Joker and the Big Daddy, who were in trouble. The superheroes took the Crystal of Truth out of its glass cage and put Joker and the Big Daddy in the portal so they would be trapped forever.
The super heroes saved the day again.

The end