Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lion's Hair Day

once Once there was a lion. Hhe was (more) handsomer then than any other lion. Hhe was lying in the son sun on a Monday afternoon when he sower saw zebras running at him.  Wwhen they past him they said 'nice hair cut!' Hhe looked up at his hair it was messed up. Hhe cried and cried.   Wwhen a wiled dingo past along he said 'why are you sad?' he said  The lion replied
'I am sad because the zebras messed up my heir hair.' Hhe said

The dingo said 'I know.  Try now trie this.'  He gave the lion his special grooming hair gel.  The lion tried it.  Hhis heir hair was better than ever so he went back to the spot and reilxesd  relaxed.

Great problem and solution Oleg.  I like that the dingo had special grooming hair gel.   

Your next step in your writing is to check for, and correct,  mistakes before you publish to your blog.

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