Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I spawned in a jungle. I got some wooden stuff, I       dug  down and got cobblestone, and made stone stuff.I killed 3 sheep. At night i killed 4 skeletons and 3 spiders I made a bow and arrow also I made bonemeal out of bones.Then I went to bed and in the morning I made a furnace and cooked the mutton and ate it for breakfast it was yummy I planted the seeds I got from the grass I used bonemeal to make it grow in a flash. Then I made bread from the wheat that I got from the seeds that grew in a flash I broke my bed my furnace then I put the bed down because it was night. In the    morning. I got food and went of to        the desert to find a village for many days i didn't     find it but one day i found it and i traded with villagers and never went away from the village  

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